[PREMIERE] Jonny Faith – Came To Spray feat. Taja

Happy New Year to all! We are kicking 2022 off with this exclusive premiere featuring a track from the new Jonny faith EP – dropping soon on Tru-Thoughts records!

Melbourne-based producer and DJ Jonny Faith makes a return to Tru Thoughts with a brand-new EP ‘First Foot’, exploring the resurgent sounds of broken beat / bruk: “Some of my earliest forays in music production were dabbling in broken beat and bruk, but this feels like my first proper broken beat release” Jonny explains.

EP opener “Came To Spray” features up-and-coming rapper Taja and meshes broken beat with hip-hop. Jonny elaborates on the genre fusion: “There are lots of great broken beat tracks with singers on them but ones with good rapping on them are pretty rare”. Taja’s slinky, soulful rap and Jonny’s broken, off-kilter beats echo the energy of producer and Bugz in the Attic affiliate Seiji, featuring rapper Lyric L on their collab “Loose Lips”, now considered a classic in the broken beat genre.