[PREMIERE] Alland Byallo – Reflect, Rotate

Premiere 2 ! This time we bring you fire music from the new Allan Byallo EP, track titled “Reflect, Rotate” dropping soon on Full Bleed Sound.

Born and raised in LA, musically seasoned in San Francisco, and now residing in Berlin, Byallo’s DJ career took him all over the world, and through a steady education of electronic music genres. Since retiring from the nightlife, Byallo now devotes all of his musical energy into perfecting his production and mixing skills, immersing himself in analog synths and releasing jazz-infused house and broken beat from his home studio, dubbed “The Secret Button”. All the tunes coming out of the room are strictly self-released on his own Full Bleed label, and reflect his obsessive levels of attention to detail and quality.

“Fill Light Shine” showcases two of the finest and most sophisticated tracks in Byallo’s almost 20
year-strong discography. Drawing inspiration from all his influences throughout the years, this release sees Alland pay a deeper tribute to the genre that originally ignited his passion for music: Jazz. The EP features lush Rhodes chords, melodic Wurli licks, and an abundance of Moog synth sounds, taking the listener on quite the soulful and energetic journey. The tracks, “Karma Beach” and “Reflect, Rotate”, are highly personal pieces, the former being inspired by a secluded strip of coastline in Zadar where Byallo found peace and the latter being a tribute to overcoming his own challenges of repeating self-defeating patterns.

Bump it on the sound system, on the airwaves, in the club, in your headphones, this transcendent EP is a peak in Alland Byallo’s artistic career and an epic document of his musical journey.