Sivey – Nobody Else / Somebody Samebody

Following on from big recent releases from Neue Grafik & Oliver Night, CoOp Presents Sivey, with an all-new double-header of heat, ‘Nobody Else’ and ’Somebody Samebody’.

For those that don’t know, Manchester-based Sivey came to some notoriety in the future beats scene a couple years back, releasing music with the LA-based collective Soulection, as a solo artist and via collaborations with Evil Needle, which came to fruition after a series of online beat battles, as well as releases and remixes drop on labels like Astral Black and Ninja Tune.

His last wave of output was greeted with enthusiasm by fans of soulful beats championed by artist collectives such as HW&W and Darker Than Wax, and saw Sivey subsequently spinning at events across the UK, and perform shows as far afield as Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Rooted in hip hop production, Sivey’s largely instrumental tracks have brought together elements of millennial R&B, neo-soul, UK garage, jazz and 80s funk. In the few years since his previous releases, Sivey has continued to experiment with new ways of exploiting his diverse influences in his productions. As his listening habits became increasingly orientated around jazz and obscure 70s fusion records, his own productions began to reflect the shift.

The recent resurgence of the broken beat movement was something that also inspired him, admiring the balance between musicality and danceability. He made his first experiments with the genre in 2017 and found that it mixed perfectly with what he’d already been creating. Eager to share the results with the world, it made perfect sense for his first bruk offerings to find a home here with us at CoOp Presents.

These two tracks exemplify the ever-evolving progression of Sivey’s sonics; the familiar deep keys and synth sounds of his previous productions are there, but nestled alongside more uptempo grooves, and the lush rhythmic complexity of bruk. As well as the original tracks, prolific Selectors Assemble crew member Danvers adds in his own tasty heads-down version of ‘Nobody Else’, and label co-founder IG Culture (who recently received a Worldwide Award for ‘lifetime achievement’!) provides a dope bruk-funk flip of ‘Somebody Samebody’ to close out the set.

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