CoOp Presents: Selectors Assemble Volume Two

Brand new year, brand new imprint. CoOp Presents is an all-new record label, founded by IG Culture and Alex Phountzi, set to focus on the depth and wealth of talent that exists within the London Bruk movement and beyond, a project which they consider to be a continuation in the same spirit of the legendary CoOp movement.

Last Summer, the CoOp Presents crew released an EP via First Word Records entitled ‘Selectors Assemble’. This was the first collective offering from a foundation comprised of UK dance music pioneers and nowadays bruk soldiers, navigating in & around the world of broken beat and beyond over the last two decades to the present day. Reinvigorated by recent Boiler Room sessions, the crew proceeded with more parties, more radio shows, and gained access to an unlimited pool of all-new sounds. The squad were primed and ready to move forwards from the famed days of the Plastic People dances, and further explore the evolution of their sound.

Selectors Assemble exists as an umbrella to showcase talent from originators and newcomers alike, transcending genres and geographics. Over the summer, more members were introduced to the clique, and it was clear there was much more work to be done. So we proceed. Setting it off, we bring you ‘Selectors Assemble Volume Two’. The first six-track selection from the stable for 2018.

James Rudie opens the selection with ‘Port Funk’, a soulful 4/4 stomper, adrift with jazz licks and weighty bassline. Danvers up next with ‘My Nina’, a deep vibesy breakbeat opener that chops away, flipping its groove several times through the track. EVM128 steps up & steps in with the no-messin’ tough tribal bounce of the ‘Gamma Riddim’ next. Cengiz opens up the flipside of the plate with some straight up bruk-funk that rides ‘On On On’. Entek enters the dance with a twisted swagger and next level sonics on ‘Robbery’, ticking numerous groove boxes, before we approach the final cut from N15’s own Miraa May, on the soulful flex of ‘I Don’t Want Ya (Didi)’. The rub on this last one coming courtesy of label founders, NameBrandSound aka IG Culture and Alex Phountzi.

Selectors Assemble appear on rotation monthly on Worldwide FM, as well as numerous other shows and dances individually, including upcoming parties at The Jazz Cafe, and the formation of a new base, The Flex, a multi purpose warehouse space in East London. The movement is only destined to grow. The stage for 2018 is set. Get involved.