[PREMIERE] Re:Fill – Cycles (WheelUP Remix)

We follow up our last premiere with a remix from the mighty WheelUP! Shout out to Re:Fill & Cognitiva Records!

Ahead of the full release of ‘Cycles’ by the Jazzfunk duo Re:Fill, Cognitiva shine a light on the incredible remixes that feature on the LP, with the reworks coming from some fine talents indeed.

The sound that Re:Fill are able to conjure up is one of rhythmic complexity, simmering melodic sequences, and an overall feeling of quietly building euphoria that only comes from Jazz laden dance grooves. To assist with the overall vibe of their debut LP, Sofatalk, WheelUP and Ben Hauke were recruited to put their spins on the cuts ‘Impulse’ and ‘Stillness’, and the goods they serve up are truly spectacular. ‘Impulse’ sees both Sofatalk and WheelUP working their magic, with the Sofatalk remix adding in a cosmic tinge to compliment the already wide array of chordal tones, with emphasis placed on the movement between density and spatial vacuums which makes the movement through the phases extra enjoyable. WheelUP takes things down to a saunter, but what a saunter it is, with the feeling captured here one of rhythmic excellence, with the keys enveloping the listener in what could only be described as a blissful bath of melody.

To wrap things up, Ben Hauke really shifts perspectives on ‘Stillness’, with the hazy piano fuelled experience found in the original turbo drived upon a two step leaning beat. The delicate piano that makes the original so intoxicating remains as a rhythmic motif, with plenty of intriguing elements thrown into the mix that keep the mind yearning for more, whilst the beat gets the feet stepping until the early hours.

Three remixes, three differing interpretations, one big wetting of the appetite. This excellent trio only hints at the wider picture, so get locked in until the big day arrives!