Selectors are hyped to present you with this dance floor crusher from the new Piers Kirwan EP “Broken Rules” – the 4 track EP including “Red Dead” will be dropping on Dance Regular tomorrow! The EP is exclusively available on “Juno Downloads” now and will be available on all other platforms tomorrow. Shout out to EVM128 and James Rudie!

UK born and bred, Piers Kirwan is no stranger to DJ’ing and producing good quality house music. One half of Stereo Mutants who have released on Defected, Duff Note, Bubble Soul, Seamless, ONE51 and more. Piers has been DJ’ing since the early 80’s and as well as going to college with Aphex Twin and doing huge warehouse parties in Plymouth in the early 90’s, he has released an extensive amount of music and played alongside the likes of Danny Rampling, Smokin Jo, Alistair Whitehead, XPress 2, Claudio Coccoluto, CJ Mackintosh and many more.

Piers has a distinct style of production that’s clean and precise and does that rough with the smooth thing that we like. It’s hard hitting, atmospheric punchy beats with lush dreamy pads, vocal textures and synth leads that keep you on your toes throughout.

From the wavy synth pads, low punchy bass and snappy beats of the title track Broken Rules and Red Dead, to the more heavier tracks of Ragga Don’t Sweat and Rise Up, with their more upfront broken beat drums, Bass and Ragga vocal samples. It’s all in there, hand crafted for the dance floor, at home, your car, phone, Boombox, whatever! All settings are catered for in this EP!