[PREMIERE] Kofi The Unknown – Arrhytmia

Selectors Assemble are excited to bring you the premeire of ‘Arrhytmia’ by Rotterdam-based producer Kofi The Unknown – a house excursion that doffs a cap to Detroit, championing rich deep house synth riffs, a jaunty bass and driving 808 drums.

Pre-pandemic, Boogie Cafe released a compilation of various emerging artists from Bologna titled ‘Bologna On The Move’. This time the focus is on a new wave of amazingly talented producers coming through from Rotterdam NL. The compilation ‘Rotterdam On The Move’ which Arrhytmia is taken from, is dedicated to the more soulful, jazz influenced sound emerging from the city, in contrast to the city’s reputation for Techno, Electro and the harder edge of dance culture.

The 6 track compilation features music from OG Wang, Chezz, Dikkens, Kofi The Unknown, Beau Zwart & Sykes and will be dropping early September on Boggie Cafe Records.